Questions to Ask Your Travel Concierge

Travel Concierge

I know a number of people think that travel concierges are old-fashioned. However, this is not the case. They are still valuable or even more valuable today. The incredible insights and facts they provide cannot be downplayed because they are the best things anyone planning to have a great and lively trip can get. As you work with them, don’t just let them make reservations and draw maps of places you lack familiarity. Instead, tap into their several years of knowledge and the unlimited access they have cultivated in the areas they work to build on your own store of knowledge.

Following is a list of the top questions you should ask your travel concierge to get the most out of your trip and to gain knowledge that you can use for your future travel needs:

  • How much lead-time do you prefer to book the finest restaurant or secure the most sought-after sporting ticket?

If you are on a logistically demanding trip, it is best to contact your chosen travel concierge and introduce yourself as soon as possible. This way, you have time to pose essential plan options prior to your stay in a given hotel and be able to finesse your schedule around when accommodated sooner than later. Well, while a travel concierge is able to get a last-minute reservation, it is not always a good idea. It is important to plan ahead. Therefore, learn from your travel concierge their preferred lead-time when it comes to planning your vacation. Just ask them to be sure.

  • Can you recommend a local private guide?

If you are an independent traveler and you find that you are not getting much from your trip because you don’t speak the local language and you still have extra time to be in a given location, you would rather request a private travel concierge for a day or two. The experience you will get from a native holding your hand and talking to you about their favorite places is unmatched. You don’t have to have this personal assistant daily; a day or two is okay. The one-on-one services will provide you with cultural insights that you couldn’t get. Some concierges have local trusted guides, and you can negotiate a day or hourly rate with the companies. So, there will be some accountability.

  • Which one is the best place to shop for the local specialty, particularly artisanal jewelry or handicrafts?

Today, most shopping places are listed in guidebooks. So, it may be quite easy to choose one. However, some of these shops may not be authentic in terms of what they sell. They may not have that particular piece of handicraft or jewelry you are looking for, but you believe you can find it in the area you are visiting. You will be surprised that we still have many of these shops not listed in guidebooks. This means that it can be difficult to steer a shopping trip on your own. Travel concierges may give you a personal shopper to help you navigate seamlessly.

Now you see! Make the best out of your trip by asking these questions.

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