The best of Moroccan Experiences: Climbing and hiking through the Todra Gorge


Are you thrilled by climbing experiences? Todra Gorge in Morocco is one of this West African country’s arch-climbing destinations. Here, you will find a fascinating combination of sport, culture, and adventure. The Todra Gorge is situated on the famous Atlas Mountains’ south-western edge. It is about 6 hours’ drive from Marrakech, immediately outside of Tinghir (also known as Tinerhir) town.

The climbing in this gorge is mainly well-bolted sport climbing. However, unlike a conventional Mediterranean sports venue, this gorge has a conspicuously exciting feel to it. Todra Gorge is particularly famous due to the exquisiteness of the scenery, which is very abrasive and compact, and with its strident red limestone. Indeed, its exceptional durability and quality are things that make this place truly amazing.

Locals content that more than 400 routes, subdivided into 46 sectors, lead up the amazing walls within and without the gorge. You can choose from among endless multi-pitch routes or single pitch routes. You may also choose from some traditional and mixed adventure routes, where to can make a convenient utilization of cams and eccentrics.

How do you get to Todra Gorges?

As indicated earlier, Tinerhir is the closest town to this gorge. In fact, this town is located close to the gorge’s entrance. Before you get to the gorge, you will be able to marvel at this amazing town, famous for its beautiful palm grooves. You will also enjoy a breath-taking sight of habitats built in tiers around a headland where remnants of an olden residence of Gloui dominate. You can easily and quickly reach the gorge’s entrance from the town of Tinghir through a decent 12 kilometers road if you have a car. You don’t need a 4X4 to reach Todra Gorge’s entrance. You also don’t need it even when you intend to climb further beyond the gorge’s exit.

The closest airport to this town is located 165 kilometers away. Therefore, it will take you about 2 and half hours using a private car to get to the town from the airport, Ouarzazate International Airport. On your way, marvel at a landscape characterized by mountains and oases. The road between the airport and the town is paved, but there are limited flights getting to Ouarzazate.

Restriction and advice

There are no specific restrictions on hiking and climbing the Todra Gorge. However, you will be required to pay a toll to enter the gorge, about 7 Dirhams (0.7 dollars). You may need to add the cost of transport to get to the gorge. However, although a car may be useful, it is not necessary.

Most importantly, your safety here is paramount. You should be cautious with false carpet sailors and false guides. Never give anything to the children begging in the town and don’t go with them to the oasis of Tinehir. We mean, don’t trust just anyone. And this is where we come in. We will ensure your safety by connecting you to local travel concierges who will not only guide you throughout your trip but also ensure your safety during your visit to the Todra Gorge.

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