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Debunking common misconceptions about Africa: Things you should know while traveling to Africa.


Did you know most of the things we hear about Africa are misconceptions? Well, we have heard some negative stories about the continent at one point or the other. Although some stories may not be negative, the truth is that a good number of individuals are misinformed about Africa. While Africa is complex, similar to many other places across the globe, its imperfections are as beautiful as its complications.

Here we go! Let us help debunk common misconceptions about Africa.

Misconception 1: African countries are lacking in innovativeness

A perception exists that African countries are left behind in terms of novel technologies. This is just a baseless belief. So many innovations are happening in Africa. You need to make a trip to Africa, and you will be surprised at the innovative technologies on this continent.

Misconception 2: Africa is country

Africa isn’t a country, but a continent made up of more than 50 countries. You will need several trips to Africa for you to be able to traverse this vast continent.

Misconception 3: ‘African’ is a language

We don’t have a language known as “African.” Africa is a language-rich continent with more than 2000 languages. You will be surprised to find that in some countries, different ethnic groups speak more than 100 languages. You will need knowledgeable concierges to help you with translations as you interact with locals.

Misconception 4: Africa is disease-ridden

We sometimes get these stories from people who have never stepped into Africa about the level of disease exposure in African countries. The truth is, the hysteria around diseases such as Ebola and HIV/AIDS is due to misinformation. Just like other countries, some countries in Africa face the problem of inadequate health resources. However, you can still get incredible healthcare in Africa.

Misconception 5: The continent is a desert

You will be surprised to realize that it also snows in Africa, and we have ski resorts in a country such as Morocco. The desert makes up only a fraction of the continent.

Misconception 6: It is not safe to travel to Africa

This is the biggest misconception about this beautiful continent. We aren’t saying that there aren’t risks when in Africa. However, Africa isn’t riskier than other places. Crime happens anywhere across the globe, and you just need to be always cautious as you would when in your home.

Misconception 7: Everyone in Africa is poor

This isn’t true at all. A good number of people are billionaires. The problem of poverty in this continent is not associated with the lack of wealth. Instead, just like several other countries on different continents, uneven distribution of resources is one of the major causes of poverty.

Misconception 8: You will find dangerous animals roaming the streets

This is not true! As you make your trip to Africa, expect to see lions, hyenas, and rhinos roaming around freely but not in the streets. They are confined to national reserves and parks.

There we go! You see, there is nothing to particularly fear about if you intend to visit Africa. You can’t just miss an exciting experience because of misinformation. Our travel concierges will give you all the information you need and facts about the great continent of Africa.

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