The Best Experience While In Morocco: Sandboarding At Erg Chigaga, Erg Chebbi, And Agadir Dunes


Have you ever thought of visiting Morocco? If you haven’t, you better consider this great destination. Morocco is one of the few countries in Africa with incredible fun to offer you given that the country has several desert areas. Therefore, the popularity of sandboarding in Morocco as a recreational activity is not a surprise. Sandboarding, also known as dune surfing, has been a major pastime activity for the desert and nomad children in the country for several years. With the local travel concierge we will provide, you will be able to enjoy your visit to some sandboarding sites in Morocco.

What dunes will provide you with the best sandboarding experience?

If you are itching to have this great experience, you can have it on the following sites:

  • Erg Chigaga Dunes at Ouarzazate

Ouarzazate, commonly referred to as “The Door of the Desert,” is a remote settlement and among the most amazing desert towns on the globe. The town is located in the south of the Atlas Mountains, and the adjacent Erg Chigaga is the most authentic and largest sand sea in the Sahara desert. The sand dune has a natural, untamed, and almost romantic reputation. Join a tour from Ouarzazate to be able to sandboard down the tall dunes in Erg Chigaga.

  • Erg Chebbi Dunes at Merzouga

If you seek a great sand surfing experience in a desert, then you should head to Merzouga. Here, you will get a great sandboarding experience like no other. At this site, sandboarding is the major tourist attraction, and you can take several tours to take you on an expedition to the Erg Chebbi sand sea. Here, you can slither down superb dunes of smooth and golden sand.

  • Timlalin Sand Dunes at Agadir

Timlalin sand dunes are located about an hour north of Agadir. Located near Taboga Beach, Timlalin dunes allow you to get the thrill of sand surfing near the Moroccan coast, with the Sahara desert just close to the ocean. Although these dunes may not be as majestic as the inland ones, they are still very exciting for a ride and provide spectacular scenes of the beach.

How much does it cost you to sandboard?

The cost of sandboarding in any of these areas is typically minimal. However, for you to get a board for the activity, you may need to rent it at a small fee of about 50 Dirham (approximately 5 US dollars).

And, of course, it will cost some of your time. An hour of sandboarding would be enough for you to have some fun. You can also take some really nice pictures to upload on your social media profiles!

Best time to sandboard

Generally, you can practice sandboarding any time of the year because this activity does not need many requirements. However, it may be better to do it in particular circumstances and times. For instance, it is better to practice sandboarding following a rainy day, given that this will make the sand solid, translating to a better slide down the dune. Additionally, it is safer to do this in the evening or early in the morning because the sand is very hot during the day, particularly in summer.

Do you need to have these fun moments? Allow us to connect you with a native travel concierge to help you access these sites and take great photos of your fun moments.  


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