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Travel Concierge and Travel Agent: How are they different?


As people pay attention to their wellness, the travel and hospitality industry is becoming a lucrative business. Today, more and more people are traveling to relax their minds and get distracted by their tiring and often stressing routine. What is more, the travel concierge is attaining a dominant position in this industry as a reference for the astute lifestyle traveler. In the past two decades, luxury concierge services have bourgeoned and are increasingly shoving the travel agent to the travel industry’s periphery. Well, if you thought the two (a travel agent and a travel concierge) were the same, then you have been all along. However, even most people who know that the two are different don’t know where the difference lies. Most people usually ask us, “How is a travel concierge different from a travel agent?”

 Well, we have explained the difference between the two. Read on to find out the differences.

What is the difference between a travel concierge and a travel agent?

A travel concierge

A travel concierge refers to a professional travel advisor that you can engage to help you with various tasks. This term has a French origin referring to a servant who made sure that medieval palaces were well cleaned and lit. Today, a travel concierge is a hospitality professional who is highly skilled, compassionate, and knowledgeable and helps with planning travel activities.  

These professionals are well-networked globally, regionally, and locally, which makes them quite effective in what they do. Most of them have several years of training and are affiliated with a host organization that deals with travel professionals only as opposed to agents.

When you work with them, they will take their time to know you well. This allows them to design personalized vacation plans for you. Additionally, they will offer detailed information to make sure you have a vacation and cruise package that meets your lifestyle and budget requirements.

Most importantly, they will ensure that your safety is prioritized as you travel to be able to enjoy a stress-free trip. When working with these professionals, you can sit pretty knowing that you have someone to help you fix anything should anything go wrong during, before, and after your vacation.

A travel agent

A travel agent refers to a salesperson who sells just particular hotels, vacation packages, and cruise lines. They do not give you a wide range of company options to choose from, meaning they do not give custom offers. They are employed on a quota system, meaning that they have to make a given number of sales for them to keep their job with the organization they are working for. Consequently, they will pressure to take their offer and focus on closing the sale as soon as possible. You won’t have additional support after the closure of the deal. Once they issue you a ticket, their work is done. If something goes wrong, you will not get support.

Now you see! You can easily tell the difference between a travel agent and a travel concierge. If you don’t know who you are dealing with, just look at the kind of engagement that occurs. At our company, we offer travel concierge services and help you design a personalized travel plan. We value our engagements with clients and offer them all the support they need.

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