All about White Sapphires: benefits, Uses, Properties and prices


White Sapphire, often referred to as “Safed Pukhraj” in Hindi, is a valuable, colourless astrological gemstone. Colourless sapphires are frequently referred to as “white” sapphires. As a sapphire gets its colour from the trace elements present in the ground when the crystal grows, naturally occurring white sapphires are rare. White sapphires are extremely uncommon as they are free of any indications of contamination. Since they are less costly and more enduring than diamonds, white sapphires make fantastic choices for fine jewellery. White Sapphire can be created in a lab, although some are also mined. Most customers cannot tell a real, polished sapphire gem from a synthetic one because they have the same visual and physical characteristics. However, some skilled gemologists might be able to tell them apart.


Benefits of White Sapphire Gemstone

White Sapphire is said to have various astrological advantages and is said to bring happiness and calm into your life. In addition to being linked to Venus, it also has Jupiter’s cosmic qualities. As a result, it grants its owner love, money, success, and beauty. Venus, the goddess of beauty, gives your personality an endearing charm. White Sapphire provides an optimistic mindset that aids in achieving great success both personally and professionally. The white Sapphire gives knowledge and clarity of mind by activating the Crown chakra. This gemstone cleanses bad energy and ideas, bringing quiet, serenity, and happiness into the wearer’s head. The financial and medical benefits of white Sapphire are immense. White Sapphire may improve one’s overall health and immunity, as well as treat urinary problems and reproductive health to cure venereal illnesses and facilitate conceiving; White Sapphire Stone is known to have an impact on the reproductive organs. It also brings love, compassion, and willingness to help into one’s life. It facilitates economic growth and enhances financial development. It brings harmony and pleasure into relationships, which enriches personal life and greatly aids in promoting social development. It brings in excellent fortune, insight, and heavenly grace. It is well recognised to increase motivation and self-assurance to achieve big things. The stone enables the person to perform better in every area and aids in communication skill improvement.



Ideal Wearer

  1. White Sapphire is the birthstone for September. This stone is the birthstone for Gemini, Taurus, and Libra ascendants, and it brings love, elegance, and marital pleasure to those born under these signs. Ascendant Virgo, Capricorn, or Aquarius can also wear white Sapphire.
  2. People are fortunate to wear white Sapphire if their ascendant is Taurus. Venus is the ruler of the first and sixth houses. It is, therefore, a fortunate planet for the Taurus rising sign.
  3. Wearing White Sapphire might be advantageous if your chart shows Venus is weak and troubled by malefic planets.
  4. Those who work in the travel and tourist business, the beauty industry, creative endeavours, import and export, and hospitality might benefit. Wearing this magical stone can help students who struggle with psychological obstacles, including an inferiority complex, poor self-esteem, and a lack of faith, succeed in school and other endeavours greatly from white sapphires.
  5. It is advised that you wear a White Sapphire stone to protect yourself from the harmful effects of the Moon if you are already experiencing some of them.
  6. Vedic astrology claims that having a weak Venus in one’s Kundali can lead to problems with money, career, and relationships. According to astrology, wearing a white sapphire stone increases Venus in the wearer’s Kundali or horoscope and aids in overcoming challenging conditions.
  7. If someone feels that their Crown chakra is obstructed, the individual experiences problems. The White Sapphire revitalises the Crown Chakra, allowing the person using it to show appreciation again.
  8. If your marriage seems to fall apart, you can always go for this gemstone, as White sapphires have a track record of enhancing marital connection.
  9. If you are struggling with a nightmare, this stone can rescue you and give you restful sleep.
  10. Some people are easy targets for evil eye and hexing; they can wear white Sapphire to protect themselves from these bad jujus.


How to wear White Sapphire?

  1. White Sapphire should ideally weigh no less than the minimum amount determined by your body weight. One carat equals 15–18 kg of body weight.
  2. With White Sapphire, silver or platinum should be the primary option. White gold or gold might also be utilised. In addition to using silver, you may also utilise panchayats or ashtadhatu.
  3. You can choose a bracelet, pendant, or ring.
  4. Be sure to put it on on a Friday at sundown for Shukla Paksha.
  5. The right hand’s ring or middle finger can be accessorised with a white sapphire ring.

Recite “Om Shukraye Namah,” remove the gemstone immediately, wash it with water, and put it on. 6. Put the ring in a bowl made of metal. Add tulsi leaves, ghee, honey, Ganga Jal, and raw cow milk.


Value and Prices of White Sapphire

A top-grade White Sapphire stone demands a lot of clarity because there are a few things to consider. For instance, the main elements affecting this gemstone’s quality and cost include origin, colour, lustre, clarity, cut and form, and carat weight. The worth, excellence, and authenticity of the White Sapphire gemstone may be assessed based on these factors. The market price of White Sapphire is influenced by several quality parameters, including origin, colour, clarity, cut, size, certification, etc., which account for the substantial price variation. Because of their extraordinary purity and great size, Sri Lanka or Ceylonese white sapphires are said to be the most sought-after kind and are thus the most costly. Thai and Burma sapphires are often off-white and cost considerably less. The price of a white sapphire per carat is assessed based on its beauty, radiating brightness, and lustre. Typically, a White Pukhraj stone costs from 5,000 INR ($70) to 80,000 INR ($1,100) per carat.


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