Best Towns You Must Visit while in Benin


Have you ever thought that Benin is a great holiday destination? If you didn’t know, you need to read this article. You see, Benin played a critical role in the development of the slave trade in Africa. Additionally, this country is the origin of voodoo art. These two make the country a great place to experience history.

Although Benin is a relatively small country with just a handful of large cities, it is a great place to explore. With its wonderful architecture, markets, and museums, you will just have lots of places to visit. What is more, the roads here are remarkably good, and the amenities for visitors are better compared to several other places in the African continent.

As you plan to tour Africa, you should consider Benin as one of your destinations. But, you cannot visit every part of the country. Therefore, you need to narrow it down to a few manageable towns.

Which places must you visit while in Benin?

Here is a list of the best places you should visit while in Benin:

  • Cotonou

Although this is not the capital of Benin, it does feel like one. This city is a passionate blast of urban energy conjoined with African charm. Cotonou has numerous rewards, such as the Pendjari National Park and several magnificent paradise beaches beaming in golden sands and palm trees. You must see the Pendjari National Park, which is home to several animal species and among the leading animal reserves on the continent.

  • Ouidah

This is another city in Benin with a mix of influence from the Portuguese and the French because of various historical events. Unlike Cotonou, this city is more relaxed. However, similar to Cotonou, you will also experience history in Ouidah. It has incredible museums that allow you to explore voodoo art and African slavery. You can also enjoy lazing on stunning beaches in this great city.

  • Abomey

This place bears a significant historical value. It was the capital of ancient Dahomey for about 300 years, beginning in the 17th century. You will also get to see the Unesco World Heritage Site’s Abomey Royal Palaces. While these palaces have been largely destroyed, the site still possesses huge historical value. What is more, the tales of kings who once resided in these palaces are enthralling.

  • Grand-Popo

This town will give you lots of historical experiences. Grand-Popo played a significant role in the African slave trade. What is more, you will get a real, local cultural experience given that the town oozes African magnetism and the people here are friendly. If you are in Cotonou, it will take you just a few hours to get to Grand-Popo. Once you get to this place, you may relax and swim on one of the great beaches. The nearby river, Mono, is an incredible place to walk and marvel at its exotic birds and mangroves.

  • Tanguieta

This fascinating town is an incredible place for you to see the French colonial buildings. Only a small population of about 20,000 people resides in Tanguieta. This town is also a great site from which to visit the Pendjari National Park and Tonogou Waterfalls.

Now you see! Our travel concierge will guide you and ensure that you enjoy every bit of your stay in this country.

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