Finest Things You Should Do While In Qatar For The 2022 Soccer World Cup

Soccer World Cup

The 2022 Soccer World Cup is fast approaching, and we all know where it will be happening: Qatar. This country is popular for its wide range of attractions for visitors. The country is a gem, and any traveler who loves thrills, the calmness, and the luxury of a holiday would highly likely choose this destination. Brimming with its several shopping malls, landmarks, hotels, unique pieces of art, and the exemplary capital Doha, the country has all the fun and excitement for the visitors.    

With the upcoming FIFA event, the excitement is set to be even much more. As a football fan, you may have decided to go to Qatar and watch the matches. You may want to use this opportunity to have additional fun in Qatar. We have compiled a take on some of the finest things you should do when you travel to Qatar for the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Top things you should try during the 2022 soccer World Cup in Qatar

Have a glimpse of the top things you should try in the 2022 World Cup in Doha, Qatar.

  • Shop, shop, and shop until you drop!

Doha is a city with several shopping sites, ranging from the elite, historical to the modern and local. In fact, Doha is a perfect location if you are a shopaholic who favors discovering shops for unique items or traditional shopping sites. An example of a site that will give you a unique shopping experience is Souq Waqif. This is home to the oldest and finest Qatari restaurants and buildings that will give you a glimpse of the country’s traditional charms. Moreover, Doha is home to several modern shopping malls, including Doha Festival City, which is among the largest malls in Qatar.

  • Watch and participate in watersports in Doha.

You will never get a better thrill than watching the watersports in Qatar. Doha has mesmerizing blue waters and beaches, which support various watersport attractions that visitors can try while visiting the city for the FIFA World Cup 2022. For example, you can visit Katara Beach to enjoy parasailing and scuba diving. You can also visit Al Thakira Natural Reserve for kayaking, Banana Island for banana boating, Poseidon Dive Center for scuba diving, and Sealine Beach for kite surging, among other places.

  • Experience unique culinary

Do you know there are people who visit Doha just to get an experience of the Arabic feasts that are offered in the city? Well, Doha is not just about incredible shopping malls and fine hotels. These places offer a satisfying feasting experience. So if you will be traveling to Qatar during the World Cup, some of the finest dishes you can enjoy here are Salooma, Balaleet, Warak enab, Machboos, Madrouba, Kousa mahshi, Luqaimat, Umm Ali, Khanfaroosh, and Rogag.

  • Visit the Corniche

Corniche is among the leading sightseeing sites in Doha. It is one of the best places to view the incredible sunset in this city and catch a glimpse of Doha’s skyline. The place has several food outlets offering some mouth-watering food. As you walk along, you grab a bite as you watch the great sights.

  • Aerial tour of Doha

Don’t you think it will be great for you to view the entire city from the sky? Fortunately, you can take an aerial tour of this great city. This will take you on a startling ride, allowing you to see the desert terrains and the finest locations of the city. The experience is worth embracing when you are visiting the country for the FIFA World Cup.

You have nothing to worry about because we’ve got you covered in terms of logistics. Contact us today, and we will arrange for a concierge travel agent to help you engage in these exciting activities.

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