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Exciting places to visit in Qatar during the 2022 World cup

Qatar world cup

As a soccer fan, you may have heard the negative publicity about the world cup event in Qatar. This goes back to 2010, when the country was initially announced as the host of the soccer world cup, and negative reports of corruption and bribery surfaced regarding the voting process. Since that period, there have been dozens and dozens of articles about the oppressive heat in the country, the lack of infrastructure, and even poor conditions for workers employed to build the stadia. Several calls have been made to allow a different country to host this event, but these have been heeded.

The truth is, you don’t want to have this negative publicity to dampen your spirit. Some of these are just mere allegations. Prepare yourself for an epic moment during the event. What is more, apart from the breathtaking football event, you will also treasure the experience this little country will offer. Keep reading to find out some of the notable places in Qatar.

What places should you visit during the 2022 soccer World Cup Qatar?

The following are among the most exciting places that you should visit during the 2022 World Cup event:

  • Doha Corniche

After a breathtaking football match, you would want just relax or spend some time outdoors. No place provides a better experience than Corniche, which is a waterfront walkway. This place boasts spectacular views of Doha’s skyline. The moment you see it is when you will understand why this is among the favorite sites for both tourists and locals. What is more, you will enjoy mouthwatering delicacies here because there are numerous cafes and restaurants along this stretch.

  • Katara cultural village

This cultural complex located in Doha has been dedicated to preserving artistic expressions via dance, visual art, music, and theater. It has different art galleries and theatres. You will also find a few cafes and restaurants on site where you can grab something to bite on as you walk via the museum exhibits.

  • Souq Waqif

Never should you miss visiting this popular shopping center in the whole of Qatar. This shopping center features traditional architecture and has narrow alleyways with over 100 shops vending traditional crafts, including jewelry, textiles, and pottery from across the world. The best time to visit this place is at night when it becomes lively with both tourists and residents.

  • Al Zubara Fort

Have you heard about Al Zubarah Fort? This structure was established by Sheikh Jassim bin Al Thani in the 19th century as part of the defense against attacking enemies. Additionally, the fort was utilized as a prison. However, it is now open as a public place offering a peek into Qatar’s glorious history.

  • Al Khor park

The recreational park is a famous site that families and friends can visit for great memories. The park features beautiful walkways that you can enjoy as you walk leisurely along with them. What is more, you will enjoy a beautiful scene made of a water park with lots of slides and a lazy river. Al Khor Park is also home to more than 40 varying bird species.

Now you see! You can make the most out of your trip to Qatar during the 2022 Soccer World Cup. Our travel concierge services will ensure you have the best experience in this great country.

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