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Travel Concierges: What are they?


Do you intend to travel, and do you want to make your trip more adventurous? Then you require the services of a travel concierge. What is a travel concierge? This could be your pressing question now because you have probably heard about it, but you don’t have an answer.

Continue reading to find out more about this.

Today, tourism and traveling are becoming more affordable, popular, and easier, meaning that more and more are seeking to get the best experience out of their trips. As increasingly more people take trips, travel concierge services are also becoming increasingly commonplace and popular. These services help to make your traveling as seamless as possible and give you maximum fun while on a trip. Travelers, particularly international ones, are hiring these services to make sure they get the experience they desire. 

The need to have an authentic local experience and access to instant and real-time information has catalyzed the need for tourists to seek local assistance services. Consequently, travel concierge has become an instrumental part of the modern traveling and tourism industry.

What exactly does the term travel concierge mean?

A travel concierge simply refers to a personal travel assistant who helps you while you travel in a foreign land, given that you will be in a different culture and you may have limited knowledge of your travel destination. Travel concierges are also referred to as personal concierges.

They help recommend and organize personalized travel activities for the client as well as handle tasks that you may be too engaged to handle, as long as they are ethical, moral, and legal.  

Most travelers long to have a legitimate local experience. Local concierges help to schedule their stay and instant access information to help them get the most out of their trip. A local travel concierge will be a native individual who has great knowledge of the ins and outs of your travel destination and is agreeable to providing you with 24/7 support during your stay in your destination.

Ideally, these individuals also possess extensive amounts knowledge about tourist attraction sites, transportation, and hospitality. They also have knowledge that pertains to social, legal, and cultural aspects.

While some travel concierges work independently, others work for an agency. Regardless of how they work, most will have commercial agreements with accommodation facilities, restaurants, transport providers, and museums.

What services do travel concierges offer?

Now that we know who a travel concierge is let us look at the services they provide. These people provide a wide array of services, and it is quite difficult to give an exhaustive list of the services because the services they offer are hardly classified because the services provided are usually tailored based on the customer’s request.

The services could be anything from the time the client alights their means of transport to the time they end the trip and go home. Several services may be provided between the two time points, explaining the lack of specified classification. This means that travel concierges must be flexible in their quest to meet their client’s diverse needs.

Following are examples of some of the services that travel concierges offer:

  1. Meeting the customer upon arrival at their destination
  2. Booking accommodations
  3. Offering private transportation
  4. Making restaurant reservations
  5. Providing translation services

Now you know what travel concierges are and what they offer. If you need the services of a perfect travel concierge on your trip to Africa, we offer you an Africa concierge travel where we link you with a native travel concierge for a great experience.

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