Make the Most of the Year of Return: The Most Exciting Places to Visit


Choice of destination, check! Ticket, check! Accommodation, check! What is left? Your program for the grand visit to Ghana. And, you are looking forward to visiting the country for a historical event: the year of return. You can’t just afford to observe Ghana from a hotel room. Hey, no! With a country full of exciting places to visit and great things to do, you can’t visit Ghana languidly. You should utilize this opportunity to visit some of the phenomenal places in this West African country. Rise up, put on your sandals, I mean literally, and get ready for a lifetime experience you will never get anywhere else.

We understand you are a visitor and you don’t know the places you should visit. Don’t worry because we have done the assignment for you. Following are some of the top places to visit while in this great destination:

  • The National Museum of Ghana

This place presents a rich African history. We have all read the history books about the trans-Atlantic slave trade, and we are probably a part of history through our ancestors who were taken away, never to return. At the National Museum of Ghana, you will see numerous exhibits devoted to this trade. You will also be able to witness the current and past art, people, and the Ashanti tools. In fact, there is a lot to learn in this place.

  • Bojo Beach

Ghana is blessed with several beaches, given that it is close to the ocean. You will be able to marvel at the great site of the ocean and have a great sunbathing experience. Did I tell you about the freshly cooked and mouth-watering seafood at one of the best beaches? At Bojo beach, you will enjoy local delicacies at pocket-friendly prices. Do you fancy a water baby? You will find it here. While there are several beaches you can visit, we believe that choosing Bojo is an incredible choice.

  • Cape Coast Castle

One of the best experiences that you should never miss as you visit Ghana for the Year of return events is the slave trade history. Visiting the slave castles will help you witness how this historical happening changed lives. At the Cape Coast Castle, you will see a writing on one of the doors reading “Door of No Return” to show a place where enslaved Africans were taken, never to come back. However, due to the year of return celebrations, another door has been labeled “Door of Return” to show that African descendants in the diaspora are welcomed back home.

  • Accra

This is the capital city of Ghana. The city is bustling with business and people from varying cultural backgrounds. Walk around the city and interact with the people. Learn about their culture and the feel of their daily lives. By the way, Ghanaians are friendly people, and by the end of your trip, you will have made a couple of friends. Your cultural experience may also have been enriched considerably.

  • Kakum National Park

Your Ghanaian experience will never be complete without visiting Kakum National Park. Here, you will have an opportunity to see unique plant and animal species. Some of the animals you can see are elephants, meerkats, and civets. You will also see several bird species. The Canopy Walkways should also be part of the experiences you will have at this park.

Well, these are just a few of the places you must visit while in Ghana for the year of return celebrations. If you have time, you can also visit a couple more epic places. Our concierge travel services will help you have a better experience on your trip to Africa, including Ghana.

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